Self Relationship

The beginning

Dear all,


I’m so grateful, honored, and nervous stepping forward into writing this blog. I’ve thought about it a lot. For years. Years where others have encouraged (and often pushed!) me to step forward, where I smiled and nodded — yes, yes, sometime soon. Years where I’ve supported friends, colleagues, and clients in stepping forward — and myself stayed firmly put, allowing fear and perfectionism to take the lead. Years where I kept quietly doing what I knew I could do and do well, part of me hoping that would be enough. That the insistent feeling inside to share more, to bring more of my offerings forward, to create more would still and settle. But that’s not how life works. Nor creation. Nor connection. We have to risk opening to and accepting the fullness of what truly is, to become all we are meant to be.

Perhaps you can relate?

What I’ve so deeply discovered in these years, is that all of us, in one way or another, are feeling, expressing, and needing very similar things. Of realizing, that despite our profound and unchanging interconnectivity, we can all feel so persistently and desperately alone, separate, and afraid. So unable to trust in the very thing we already are. Connected.

May this blog be a place, of just that. True connection.

It is my hope that these writings can serve as a place to recognize yourself. A gentle invitation to come and sit by a clear and cool stream — to rest, drink deeply, and reflect upon what you see. Where the water shows all the different waves of you, and the light illuminates new glistenings, where moments ago there were just shadows. Where you can root in the imprint of hundreds of feet having walked here before, sat by the same stream, and had the same experiences. Where you can go and remember that you, gloriously and miraculously, are not alone.

Each one of us is simultaneously an incredibly unique being with our own specific circumstances and our own treasured gifts hidden inside, waiting to be found — and each one of us is capable of feeling the same things that every being all over the world feel and have felt, throughout all of time. We are simultaneously alone in our own being, and deeply connected. We are both.

Thank you for sharing your precious time with me. I hope to honor it well. And as always, take what resonates with you in the writing, and leave the rest. 

More to come.

In Healing,


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