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We Heal Together – COVID-19 Resources for Wellness

Please find the following resources below for moving through this time together – all free. As I come across more free wellness resources, and as things develop, I will continue to add and alter this list. I’ve tried to screen them to the best of my ability at this time, but please note that I cannot be intimately familiar with all the resources here. I offer them for your discernment and discretion.

Please be mindful and check in with yourself as you look through these. You need not do everything or read everything – in fact, I invite you to check out one thing at most that speaks to you. Allow yourself to practice the art of receiving – slowly, mindfully, intentionally choosing what to take in and feeling the impact of it – in this way. Return to this page when you are ready to try something new, or find new updates that have been added. As always, take what resonates for you and leave the rest.

Trust that your feelings are valid and deserve to be heard. Trust that your needs are valid and deserve to be met. Trust that you are worthy no matter what you are going through. Trust that you have all the wisdom and resilience that you need already within you – and practice making your choices from there.

It is normal and expected to feal fear, denial, grief, anger, and shock during this time. But we do not have to live in that place. We do not have to let our fear take over.

We are all connected – we heal together, we hurt together, we love together, we grow together – and we can protect and uplift each other now with our actions, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant they may be.

You are not alone.

Mind/Body Nourishment

Creative Nourishment

Spiritual Nourishment

  • I highly recommended the radically inclusive meditation center East Bay Meditation Center. They have moved all of their meditation groups and classes online, and are all free and/or by donation only. Find them at:

Heart Nourishment

Earth Nourishment

Social Nourishment

Nourishment for Queer and Trans Folx

Nourishment for Children (and for your own Child Self!)

Uplifting Social Media

Practical Support

  • Multi-layered resource list put together by the Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality in the Bay Area (AACRE). It includes many resources on understanding COVID-19; resources in languages other than American English; resources for the financial challenges being experienced by many folks; and resources for addressing racism especially during this time – as well as links to other mutual aid documents : Resources for Resilience
  • A natural medicine doctor’s collection of currently-being-written articles talking about COVID-19:
  • A doctor’s take on how to understand and practice “social distancing”, why it is important, and how it can help reduce the spread of the virus to those who are most vulnerable:

News and Updates