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Healing as an Empath: The Sacred Path of Self Love, Part 3

Dear all,

For the last two weeks, we have been exploring the Sacred Path of Self Love. We began by looking at where we can get lost and disconnected from it, even if our upbringing was largely loving and warm. Then we explored what it means to be on the path, what that can look like, and why it is a life-changing necessity. 

Now it is time, to practice. 


During this time of continued upheaval, uncertainty, fear, and unknowing, I find myself returning to the practice of this path over and over. It does not look anything like the path I was traveling before this time. This is a new land, and I do not know its spirit yet. I need to make my offerings the only way I know how, moment by moment, in touch with what I have to give and what I am available to receive.

As offering. As practice. As legacy. For those who have come before, for those who walk side by side, and for those who will come after.

We can ask the Sacred Path of Self Love to teach us this new way of being, that we might heal our wounds and build new systems of abundant reciprocity, beneficial mutuality, and joyful connection – where who we are matters more than our sacrifice. We can practice choosing Self Love in the bravest sense of the word, to lead us to a new way of being – with ourselves, with each other, and with this sacred Earth. 

Self Love is an art. And we are just beginning. 


I invite you to take some time with the evolution of these posts today. Let them sit with you. As always, take what resonates, and leave the rest. If you would like to explore further, I invite you to practice the following:

Invite in any beings/energy that you feel affinity with, who hold the sole intent of supporting you in your highest good. These may be healed Ancestors, Guides, Spirits, Animals, Plants, or any other being you are called to be in connection with. Thank them for being with you, and make your own offering (perhaps just thanking them, or perhaps a song, a poem, a flower – whatever serves). Then ask them to help you understand your relationship to the Sacred Path of Self Love. You may want to meditate on this, to draw, or to let dance move through you. You may want to free write in a journal. 

Get curious about what strengths, resiliencies, and gifts you bring to the path. What legacies (healed and unhealed) you bring to the path. Explore what you were given that serves you, and what doesn’t. Ask the beings you are connected with to show you what it means to truly love yourself. Ask to experience that. And then write (draw, dance, sing) about it. Create Self Love affirmations, and speak them out loud throughout the day. Post them on your wall, or as reminders in your phone. Invite this Self Love to settle in your bones, blood, and breath. Let it feed your body, heart, and soul.

Tuck this experience away in a safe and sacred place in your body – a sanctuary you can return to when you need to reconnect with your path. Invite your most aligned self and your companion beings to keep watch over this place with you. Return as often as needed.

We will continue to explore the Sacred Path of Self Love in upcoming weeks – through deep reflection and inquiry, as well as through tips and practices to integrate into your daily life. May this serve you, wherever you are on your path.

In Healing,