Animism, Ecospirituality, and Earth Based Healing

Animism, Ecospirituality, and Earth Based Healing are sacred healing arts based on the timeless wisdom teachings of the Earth.  They are rooted in the belief that everything has a spirit (or energy, presence), and that we exist in a vast, inextricable web of connection. That this web of connection extends beyond humans and into the realm of animals, plants, places, the elements, nature, the stars and planets, and even into the unseen world of energy and/or spirit.

The healing wisdom and connection that is rooted within the web of existence is available and accessible to every one of us, at any time. However many of us have become severed from this connection, losing our ability to understand or embody the belonging that is inherent to our being. Or we may feel connected but be unable to sustain it in a way that does not flood our being with despair and grief around the state of the Earth today.

Our sense of embodied connection and belonging to the interdependent web of life, as well as our sense of trust in ourselves and this web, can be a profound place of hope. It can help us return to the understanding that we belong here, that we are stewards of this web which includes ourselves and every other being, as well as students and receivers of the abundant offerings and gifts of this web.

Through restoring this connection we can find ourselves feeling as if we are suddenly more whole and embodied, even if we aren’t sure how. We have found our way home.

Through the use of sound, ritual, guided nature explorations (together during session or after), and guided journey practices – Animism, Ecospirituality, and Earth Based Healing practices support you in healing on a deeper, soul level. Here we can begin to directly access parts of you and your lineage that may need support. We can learn how they came to be, explore their interconnectedness to you and others, and explore what is needed to heal. We will also re-connect you to your own inner healer and source of wisdom, which is innate to all of us.

Symptoms of dis-ease:

  • Feeling powerless
  • Exhaustion, depletion
  • Anxiety
  • Scattered energy
  • Self-judgement
  • Needing to isolate
  • Upsetting dreams
  • Sense of being separate and alone
  • Loss of purpose or meaning

Sessions may include: