LGBTQA Couples and Inclusive Relationship Therapy

Partnership in any form can bring tremendous joy, healing, affirmation, and growth. At the same time it can reveal the most hidden, buried, and forgotten places within us. Painful places that we may not want to exist, but that can actually bring tremendous healing. LGBTQA Couples and Inclusive Relationship therapy can support you in finding the deeper connection, meaning, and love at the heart of your connection.

LGBTQA Couples Therapy for Romantic Partners

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Perhaps you feel as if you’ve lost yourself in your relationship. You don’t know where you are going together, or what the future holds. Things have been quietly building up. So now you don’t know how to bridge this aching gap between where your love used to be, and where you are now.

Couples therapy can offer a guide to support you in uncovering your unhealed places and finding a pathway to reconnection. We will explore these stuck and painful places together, and get to know each of you as an individual within the couple relationship. We will then look for patterns of trauma and pain that arise between you, and ways to support each other through it. Additionally, we will seek out the places of connection to resource and uplift you through this work.

Queer Platonic Relationship Therapy

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Your love matters.

Finding someone that you love so deeply and intimately, yet without the supportive label of “couple”, can be confusing. You want to celebrate your love, be seen and understand in how important you are to each other. However it constantly seems like their romantic partner takes up all of their time. Additionally you’re experiencing some conflict, and no one seems to understand why it is so heartbreaking. You feel the potential for a shared future together, but can’t imagine how that will be possible.

Your relationship is valid. We will work together to specifically address the ways your unhealed places trigger each other. Additionally, we will explore how to identify and communicate your needs with each other and the other relationships in your life. And most importantly, we will support you in envisioning the love and relationship style that is right for you together, now and in the future.

Ace and Aro Inclusive Relationship Therapy

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Your love is absolutely valid.

There are a myriad of ways you might experience intimacy and relationships in your life. Living in a society that centers, rewards, and idealizes long-term, married sexual and romantic relationships can make it feel like your relationships don’t count. You may feel like you can’t go to relationship therapy because your identity will be misunderstood or even pathologized. Your friends tend to dismiss your identity, thinking you just aren’t with the “right person”. You’ve specifically described your way of loving, and yet it seems like those you are in relationship with always want more. You’d like a future with this person in your life, but it seems like you just keep fighting. You especially long for inclusive support that understands the ways you experience love and connection.

Your identity and needs are valid. We will work together to explore the ways your identity shapes your relationship style and needs, and how that shows up with the folks you are in relationship with. Additionally, we’ll explore ways to communicate your needs and navigate your unhealed places, together. We will specifically work together to re-build your relationship as a place where you can love and be loved, in the valid and important ways that align for you.

Ethical Non-Monogamy Relationship Therapy

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For LGBTQA relationships who already practice ENM, I offer a therapeutic space that understands and welcomes the complex dynamics that can arise. You are committed to co-creating loving and growthful relationships with each other. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out what that means. You’d love to be able to work through your unhealed places together, but keep getting stuck in the same arguments. You aren’t sure how to talk about your changing needs without everyone getting upset. Therapy can support you in exploring and clarifying your needs and desires in relationship, and how to embody them together.

For already stable and resourced LGBTQA couples looking to open up their relationship, I offer support in building a safe, secure base to begin to expand your relationship. We’ll work together to specifically explore your fears and desires with ethical non-monogamy. We’ll then create small, gradual steps to establish a pathway to opening up. You’ll practice delving into issues as they arise within you and the relationship, without letting things build up. And you’ll begin to explore the creation of a shared vision of what ethical non-monogamy means to you.

What can LGBTQA Couples and Inclusive Relationship Therapy offer?

Through couples and inclusive relationship therapy we can create a map and a guide to the practice of loving in your unique partnership and connections. It can support you in:

  • identifying your needs around emotional intimacy – what makes you feel safe, close, loved, and important to each other
  • understanding the ways you may or may not experience sexual or romantic desire, and how to build many types of intimacy together
  • exploring how to heal and restore sexual and romantic intimacy, if that is a key aspect of your relationship needs together
  • exploring each individual’s heart maps within the relationship — places where they get activated or triggered, unhealed wounds and traumas from their past, and unhealed wounds within the relationship — and working to heal those places
  • creating a shared vision about your relationship, and how to care for and grow that vision together
  • learning the unique ways that you can practice the art of loving with yourselves, and with each other

I offer a variety of services in my virtual therapy office that can support you on your journey: