Couples and Relationship Therapy

“Love is our identity, and healthy loving is how we put it into practice.”

– david richo “how to be an adult in relationships: the five keys to mindful loving

Partnership in any form can bring tremendous joy, healing, affirmation, and growth. At the same time it can shine bright sunlight on the most hidden, buried, and forgotten places within us- places that we may not want to exist, but that can actually bring tremendous healing. Couples Counseling can support you in finding the deeper connection, meaning, and love at the heart of your partnership.

“To practice the art of loving we have to first choose love- admit to ourselves that we want to know love and be loving even if we do not know what that means.”

– bell hooks “all about love: new visions”

What a brave and beautiful choice to make- to choose to practice the art of loving, even as so many of us have not been taught how! But what does it look like? Through couples counseling we can create a map and a guide to the practice of loving in your unique partnership. It can support you in:

  • building support to reconnect with your own selves, each other, and the relationship- especially when you feel upset
  • identifying your stuck, shadowy places and creating opportunities to heal within yourselves and the relationship
  • understanding the different legacies you carry within you, and how they affect your relationship today
  • exploring each individual’s heart maps within the relationship — places where they get activated or triggered, unhealed wounds and traumas from their past, and unhealed wounds within the relationship — and working to heal those places
  • creating a shared vision about your relationship, and how to care for and grow that vision together
  • learning the unique ways that you can practice the art of loving with yourselves, and with each other

Whatever may be arising in the spirit of your relationship, I would be honored to support you. Schedule your free 20 minute consultation (one for each partner), and let’s work together to create the relationship for which you truly long.

“The coming together of two spirits gives birth to a new spirit. You can call it the spirit of the relationship or the spirit of intimacy. It is very important because it acts as a barometer of the relationship, and it must be nurtured and kept alive.”

– Sobonfu somé “The Spirit of intimacy: ancient african teachings in the ways of realtionships