Ecotherapy in Berkeley, CA

What is Ecotherapy?

A person with their hair up in a messy bun, wearing a fuzzy green sweater, stands in a forest. They hold a fern of frond against their face. This symbolizse the peace and tranquility that comes from ecotherapy in Berkeley, CA. An eco therapist can support you in reconnecting with the world around you.

Ecotherapy can be practiced as a sacred healing arts tradition connecting you back to your wise, wild nature. In its foundation, ecotherapy is rooted in animism. This is specifically based on the belief that everything has a spirit (energy, presence).

Ecotherapy is also rooted in the belief that we exist in a vast, inextricable web of connection. This web of connection extends beyond humans into the realm of other beings. This includes animals, plants, places, the elements, stars, and planets, as well as the unseen world of energy and spirit.

Ecotherapy as a Holistic Therapy Practice

You can access the healing wisdom and connection of the natural web of existence at any time. But, you may find that you have become severed from this connection. You have lost your ability to understand or embody the belonging that is intrinsic to your being. Further, you feel overwhelmed by grief for the suffering of the Earth.

Your sense of embodied connection, belonging, and trust in the web of life can give you deep healing and hope. It can help you return to the understanding that you belong here. That you are simultaneously a steward of this web which includes yourself and every other being. While at the same time acting as a student and receiver of the abundant offerings and gifts of this web.

When you feel deep in your bones that you are safe, cared for, and loved – that you belong – you grow. It is by rooting into your unique role in this larger web, that you can begin to make sense of this world.

A person dances in the a field at sunset. There is a full moon above them, and birds flying all around. This evokes the feeling of connection with the earth that can come from meeting with an eco therapist in Berkeley, CA. Contact us or search "ecotherapy near me" to learn more about ecotherapy today.

We are made whole by recognizing that we are a unique, sacred, integral part of something much larger. Something that already holds us. Cares for us. Gives us everything we need.

The Earth.

You are part of the Earth just as the Earth is a part of you. Even if you have no idea what that may look like yet.

What does Ecotherapy in Berkeley, CA look like?

Through the use of guided indoor and outdoor nature journeys, Ecotherapy practices support you in healing on a embodied soul level. We may use collaborative outdoor walks and sessions focused on connecting your breath and awareness to the messages of the natural world around you. Or we may use guided inner journeys to explore your relationship to a place in nature, a plant being, or an animal being, as a collaborative support on your process.

Here we can begin to directly access parts of you and your lineage that may need support. We can learn how these patterns of disconnect came to be, explore their purpose, and discover the medicine they need to heal. Like an overgrown plant in the forest, we can learn their story of evolution. We will look at their gifts, dangers, and how they impact the current ecosystem. Then we can decide what care may be necessary to address them in a compassionate and holistic way.

Through the use of guided inner eco-spiritual journey practices, as well as outdoor nature practices, Ecotherapy can support you in finding your own inner healer and source of wisdom. Once you begin to find the seed of trust and wisdom within yourself, it is easier to find your place in the home of this Earth, and your body and life.

Symptoms of dis-ease:

  • Feeling powerless
  • Sense of not belonging anywhere
  • Needing to isolate
  • Exhaustion, depletion
  • Anxiety
  • Scattered energy
  • Being on edge
  • Sense of separation and aloneness
  • Loss of purpose or meaning

Ecotherapy sessions may include:

  • Guided walks in nature
  • Creating art and journaling in nature
  • Prepared rituals in nature
  • Guided meditations and eco-spiritual journey work
  • Visiting the ocean or the forest together

* Please note, all outdoor ecotherapy sessions are on hold due to the current pandemic. Yet, we can work together to incorporate these ecotherapy practices. We can plan your solo excursions between sessions. Or we can do guided ecotherapy journeys together. We can also simply call on the energy of the earth during the session.

As a ecotherapist, I am proud to offer a variety of services in my Berkeley therapy office and support you on your path to self-love and intuitive healing:

The is rising over the mountain range on an island, illuminating the ridges and forests, with the vast ocean surrounding. This reflects the hope and guidance an ecotherapist in Berkeley, CA can provide. Contact me to learn about ecotherapy today.
  • For solo journeyers, I offer individual therapy. We will work together to identify the places where you are out of balance. This will support you in reclaiming your sense of joy, self-love, aliveness, and self-knowing.
  • For partners, I offer couples therapy. We will create a path of more clear and aligned communication. We will explore practices to get both of your needs met. As well as ways to deepen your intimacy with each other and yourselves.
  • For groups, I offer Soul Sanctuary – a place of refuge for empaths, intuitives, and highly sensitive people. Here you learn more about our gifts, explore your needs, and are supported by a group of others just like you.