Empath & HSP & Intuitive

Have you ever thought you might be an empath, a highly sensitive person (HSP), or an intuitive?

Do you seem to feel and absorb everything around you within your own body – other people’s feelings, the energy of nature, the quality of events going on in the world? When others are having a hard time, do you feel anxious and compelled to help? Do you often feel overwhelmed, drained, or used by your relationships and not understand why?

You may be experiencing the world as an empath.

Have others described you as “sensitive” throughout your life? Do you tend to feel more drained by small talk, and long for space to explore deeper thoughts? Is it fairly common for you to feel overwhelmed in crowds or larger gatherings? Have you experienced being pressured to “go with the flow” or told that you were “too picky”?

You maybe experiencing the world as a highly sensitive person (HSP).

Does it often seem like you just know things, without knowing how or even choosing to know? In conversation with others, do you find yourself picking up on seemingly invisible cues that others may not even notice? Do you feel connected to energy within and around you and others, but aren’t sure how to create boundaries around this?

You may be experiencing the world as an intuitive.

Empath, HSP, and Intuitive are identity labels that describes a certain way of experiencing ourselves, others, and the world around us. They can (and often do) overlap and impact each other, as well as any other largely formative experiences and identities we may hold.

Like any other way of being, they come with tremendous gifts and painful shadows. Left unhealed the shadow areas can take over our lives, making our unique and sacred gifts become burdens.

Signs that you may need support and healing include:

  • boundary confusion
  • difficulty identifying, centering, and upholding your own needs
  • a pattern of putting others first, even at the cost of your own self
  • overwhelm, depletion, and exhaustion
  • repeating harmful, toxic or abusive relationship patterns (with friends, family, and lovers)
  • anxiety
  • feeling stuck around decision making because you can see all sides, and it’s hard to trust your own knowing
  • trying to be “less sensitive” and pushing yourself to do things in ways that don’t work for you
  • rejecting your own way of being
  • feeling like you don’t need or deserve the care you so often give to others
  • not being able to “turn off” or have choice around when, how, and if you bring your gifts forward to the world

You may start feeling a sense of resentment, despair, negative self-talk, depletion, and burn out. You may even move into deep isolation, or double down and try harder to heal, please, or uplift everyone around you.

When actually – you are the one who needs, and deserves, your own care.

If you recognize yourself in any of these patterns or descriptions – you are not alone. Many people who have these gifts experience high levels of stress, anxiety, confusion, hopelessness, and repetitive toxic relationship patterns without knowing why. It doesnt have to be this way. Your gifts should be just that – gifts.

Your way of experiencing the world is sacred – and as with every sacred thing, deserves safety, love, and belonging.

Healing as an empath, HSP, or intuitive looks like stepping onto the Sacred Path of Self Love. It is a a conscious, intentional returning to the most precious and sacred being in your life – your true home – you. Healing will bring you the freedom you need to truly embody your gifts, by cultivating the safety, love, and belonging you truly deserve.

If you feel ready to explore how to embrace your gifts with boundaries, choice, and joyful expression – please reach out. It is a life changing journey.

I’d be honored to walk it beside you.