Soul Sanctuary – A Refuge for Empaths

Soul Sanctuary

A 6 week online group experience

For those who feel deeply, know intuitively, and seek soulful refuge

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Welcome to your Sanctuary

As an empath, intuitive, or highly sensitive person – you experience this world in a deeper, more complex, and intuitive way. You feel the joys and pains of other beings as if they were your very own. This can bring experiences of tremendous joy and love, as well as experiences of overwhelm, sacrifice, and suffering.

You need a place where you can just be you. Where you can practice gently but firmly closing the door on the rest of the world, and cultivating your own, sacred, inner sanctuary.

You need a refuge.

Using somatic therapy, guided ecospiritual practices, and expressive arts therapy we will create a nourishing, affirming, and uplifting space both as a group and internally. You will leave this empath group experience with:

  • a better understanding of your unique gifts and ways of being
  • a set of skills and experiences curated to support your body and soul
  • clarification on your own sacred needs and their importance in your life
  • a developing community of others who can understand and affirm who you are and what you need
  • a growing mindset rooted in your right to have your needs met, and your ability to cultivate a life that is centered in you

Soul Sanctuary Details

  • Beginning early 2021
  • Online through secure Zoom platform
  • Open to participants anywhere in CA
  • Limited spaces available – max. 6 participants
  • All identities welcome, with the expectation that this is a space rooted in and centering decolonization practices (happy to speak more with you about what this means)

Meet the facilitator: I’m Phoenix, and I created this empath group based on my personal and professional experience as an empath, intuitive, and highly sensitive person. As someone who feels deeply, knows intuitively, and experiences the world and all her beings through multiple layers – I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, depleted, and lost. I understand what is needed to uplift, protect, and honor these beautiful gifts within ourselves and our lives – so we can cultivate the life giving joy and affirmation that we so deeply deserve!

We are sacred, valued, worthy, and deserving. No more or less than any other being. Not based in our service, nor in our sacrifice, to any other being.

We are sacred, based on the very essence of who we are. Let us remember that. Let us learn to understand, protect, and honor who we truly are.