You are welcome here.

I know how much strength and courage it takes to heal from trauma. How much shame, fears of not being believed, of being made to feel like it was your fault, of being told “it’s not that bad” and to “just get over it” — can all make reaching out feel impossible.

What happened to you is not your fault. Your experience counts.

It is essential that you have a space where you can feel supported to do this work, and be listened to, believed, and respected. So many people experience more trauma just trying to talk about what happened. They can be met with disbelief, shaming, victim blaming, dismissive comments, and rejection. They can feel flooded, overwhelmed, and worse for even having tried to share what they experienced, or what they are feeling now. They can feel stuck and hopeless, trapped in cycles of anxiety and depression, unable to heal or move forward and not understanding why.

Trauma therapy has a focus on understanding the way the body, mind, heart, and spirit is impacted by trauma — in the past, and now. By using an innovate blend of therapies to address your healing on every level, we will work together to understand and heal from the impact of trauma on your whole self throughout your life. There is no right way to heal. Only the best way for you.

I’ve been privileged to work with folks who have experienced relational, oppression, and systemic trauma on their path to healing for over a decade. Learn more about my offerings, or please reach out. I’d be honored to support you.