You deserve healing too. Being of service is a sacred, challenging, deeply transformative path. A journey that calls for the truest alignment of your core self and your most clear and positive intentions. A path that clarifies all that needs to be healed within you, even as you offer healing to others. The journey of being a healer illuminates all that you truly need, and where those needs are just not being met.

Giving to others as a healer can sometimes leave you feeling drained, burnt out, and resentful.  It can feel confusing and overwhelming to feel so drawn to something that also makes you feel badly. It does not have to be this way.

Being of service can come from a place of deep nourishment, self-healing, and fulfillment. You can be filled, and be a healer.

This is what it means to truly be of service.

Whether you are a healer in a therapeutic sense, or you offer healing through spirituality, energy work, body work, yoga or movement practices, music, or any other medium- you deserve your own healing path. You deserve to have your own unique and sacred needs identified, honored, and met. It is essential. It is core. It is imperative.

On the path of service, it is non-negotiable.

Healers need healing too. As a fellow healer on this path, I’d be honored to walk beside you. Learn more about my offerings, or reach out to talk.