Individual Therapy in Berkeley, CA

Individual Therapy For Empaths, Highly Sensitive People, & Intuitives

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As an empath, highly sensitive person (HSP), or intuitive person – life can be filled with depletion, anxiety, and overwhelm. With friends or at work, you find yourself lost in the overstimulating, numbing demands of the everyday world. You push through and push through, trying to be “just like everyone else”. Maybe you try to numb your gifts of empathy, sensitivity, and attunement. Sometimes you wonder why it feels like everyone else seems fine, when all you feel is the web of pain and suffering in the world.

Individual Therapy for Queer and Trans Folks

two woman standing against a wall pose for the camera. They feel accepted and welcomed by their non-binary therapist in San Francisco, CA. Joyful Empath offers spiritual therapy in Berkeley, CA, individual therapy, and more.

As a queer and/or trans person, you feel like you constantly have to navigate whether the world around you is safe, let alone welcoming. When you do start to let your guard down, you’re suddenly harassed at work or on a dating site. It feels like you never get to relax and enjoy, to just “be you”. Perhaps you hoped immersing yourself in queer and trans community would mean you could finally fit in. But, it feels like you just don’t fit in, no matter how hard you try. It might seem like everyone else is doing it right, and you’re never good enough. Or you’re exhausted from having to defend your life from uninformed or harmful people around you. You thought you’d feel better once you “came out”, but somehow you still feel alone.

Individual Therapy for Healers

A large rose quartz crystal leans up against a window among other candles, herbs, and other supplies a spiritual healer might use. Joyful Empath offers spiritual therapy in Berkeley, CA, hsp therapy in Oakland, CA, and more. Contact us today to get in touch with a LGBTQ therapist in San Francisco, CA.

As a healer, you’ve felt a calling to hold space for others in the world. Whether through therapy, energy medicine, spiritual healing, or something else. Yet, after sessions you find yourself drained and exhausted. You can’t witness one more bad thing. But, this makes you feel ashamed – like somehow, you’re supposed to be immune. You’re supposed to be superhuman, and it feels like you’re failing. There’s this message that you should be able to take it all and it shouldn’t affect you. That you should always be available – in your job, and your personal life. It’s hard to imagine a world where you get to have boundaries, even if you can teach others about them.

The Trauma of Oppression and Abuse

Top down perspective of person with sunflower tattoo holding a sunflower. This one has a healthy spirit, while the others have begin to droop and wilt. Joyful Empath offers individual therapy in Richmond, CA, spiritual therapy in San Francisco, CA, and other services. Contact us today to get in touch with a TGNC therapist today.

Maybe you’ve experienced the trauma of oppression and abuse. At first, you practiced switching between the person you were at school and the person you were at home. You were trying to fit in, but you lost track of yourself along the way. You learned to ignore hurtful comments and toxic messages. All while trying to laugh off or disprove what others said. Perhaps you learned to blend into differing cultures, only to realize you’d never meet any of their unattainable standards. Or, you may have grown up in a home where you had to always appease your parents and caregivers, no matter the cost. Maybe you never learned that you have a right to your own needs, or that setting a boundary is an act of self-preservation and care. You may have grown up telling yourself that if you could “just be better” none of this would have happened.

Healing is a Path of Self Love

Your way of experiencing the world is sacred. Who you are is a gift and an offering. You have the right to have needs, limits, and boundaries. You are good enough, just as you are. And it was never your fault.

Throughout my years as a spiritual healer, HSP therapist, and queer therapist, I’ve worked with so many clients who hold these experiences and messages. You are not alone in this. In fact, I have designed and curated my entire practice to support you.

I’ve grown my practice from the foundational intention to:

  • Affirm and protect the needs of HSP’s, intuitives, and empaths
  • Reclaim safety, self-expression, and connection with LGBQ and TGNC folks
  • Develop boundaries and cultivate self-compassion with healers
  • Root and grow in the new sense of safety, authentic identity, and self-power with those who have experienced the trauma of oppression and abuse
  • Restore the sacred path of self-love for everyone who comes to my practice
Top down perspective of hands holding a mound of dirt with both hands with small white petaled flowers. Joyful Empath offers spiritual therapy in Berkeley, CA, individual therapy in Berkeley, CA, and more. Contact us today to get in touch with an HSP therapist in Berkeley today.

If what you’ve read so far reflects you – reach out.

I’ve crafted my healing practice just for you.

Start Individual Therapy in San Francisco Today!

Individual therapy in San Francisco, CA can help you discover your boundaries and needs, separate from the rest of the expectations of the world. You can have both clear boundaries and deep connection with others. It can help you build a safe and trusting relationship with your body. And, cultivate the soulful embodiment and pleasure you deserve. I’d be honored to support you in walking the transformational path of self-love. We will help you root and blossom into the amazing person you already are (but have trouble seeing). Individual therapy can help you create a life that centers YOU – your gifts, your joy, your embodiment, your pleasure.

I offer a variety of services in my Berkeley therapy office, and through my online therapy services:

  • For solo journeyers, we will work together to identify where you are out of balance so you may reclaim your sense of joy, self-love, aliveness, and self-knowing
  • For partners, I offer couples therapy. We’ll create a path of more clear and aligned communication. Practices will get each of your needs met, and reveal new ways to deepen your intimacy with each other and your own selves.
  • For groups, I offer Soul Sanctuary. This is a refuge for empaths, intuitives, and highly sensitive people. Here, you will learn more about our gifts, explore your needs, and be supported by a group of individuals just like you.
  • For all, I offer various ways of working together including spiritual therapysomatic therapy, and ecotherapy

If you are ready to start your journey, contact my Berkeley, CA therapy practice for the support you deserve!