LGBTQ Therapy

Two women lay with their heads resting together on the beach, ear to ear. They feel like they can be understood by each other and with their LGBTQ therapist in San Francisco, CA. Joyful Empath offers LGBTQ therapy in San Francisco, CA, transgender therapy, and more. Contact us today for LGBT affirmative therapy.
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Sometimes you just want to be understood.

Without having to explain your language or way of being. You wish someone could understand the importance of chosen family. And, how devastating it is when you aren’t getting along. To know that although you’ve found community, you still can feel alone. That you can feel the heartbreak of ending a romantic or queer platonic relationship, and yet still want to be friends. How instead of feeling safe in the world, you’re always a little bit on edge, preparing for the worst.

As a queer, non-binary, genderfluid person offering LGBTQ therapy, I get it. In fact, I am deeply aware of the importance of having a space where you feel like you don’t have to defend, educate, or prove your identity or existence. Where you can relax and do the deep work of healing and transformation.

Issues Facing LGBTQ Communities

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Many people who identify as within the rainbow of LGBQA & TGNC identities struggle with feeling they do not fit in. Or that they are not enough, and that they do not belong. On one hand, you feel excluded for not being “gay, trans, queer, ace enough”. On the other, you feel way too visible in straight and cis communities. Or you have your identity erased and are not seen at all.

You struggle with cultural beliefs and norms around gender, sexuality, and relationships. Instead of feeling you can bring your partner home to your family, you feel judged, even pushed away. It feels like you have to choose between your family, culture, partner, and your future life. Maybe you are trying to envision a life with queer platonic love, and you fear it will never be possible.

LGBTQ Therapy in Berkeley and the SF Bay Area

LGBTQ therapy can offer you a place to belong, let go, and do that deeper healing work. To bring that rich, sacred heart of yours all the love and care you deserve – that you have always deserved.

I can understand the often complex and layered issues that play out in LGBTQ communities. How the impact of legacies of & present-day oppression affects individuals, relationships, and families. So, we’ll work together to unpack these layers and heal the impact on you and your life. Through doing this work, you’ll be able to identify and heal from the many layers of oppression that come with being queer and/or trans. No matter how subtle or huge they may be.

My Approach to LGBTQ Therapy

I’ll support you in reclaiming your power, dignity, and worth from all those who seek to take it. We’ll work to understand what blocks you from creating the life for which you long. At the same time, I’ll support you in creating it. And most importantly, you’ll heal that sacred, tender heart of yours. So you can protect and honor what is most precious in your life – you.

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Therapy doesn’t have to be cis, straight, or unequal. I bring my skill sets, wisdom, theories, technique, and decades of practice. However, you bring the ultimate knowledge of yourself and your life. Together, we embark on the sacred journey of your healing. We can talk, listen to music, make art, heal from white supremacy, practice ritual, explore embodied movement practices, smash the patriarchy, reclaim your power, and connect with the earth. We can make this space what you need it to be.

This is your journey. Let’s glow.

I offer a variety of services in my virtual therapy office that can support you on your journey: