Spiritual Therapy

Sometimes just talking about your every day life isn’t enough.

Person prays in the light of a forest. They are feeling more connected with the world after spiritual therapy in San Francisco, CA. The Joyful Empath offers spiritual therapy in Marin, CA, spiritual guidance in East Bay, and more. Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels

Sometimes there are bigger factors at play. Maybe you are at a loss with everything that’s happening in the world and feel disconnected from your spirituality. Or perhaps you feel ashamed of your spiritual practices in a society that privileges science while ignoring spiritual integrity. You may be uncertain how to ground and integrate your spirituality into your daily life.  

Or, you aren’t sure if it’s even safe to talk about spirituality with a therapist at all.

Whether you are struggling to find your spirituality, to separate it from the beliefs you grew up with, or simply looking for spiritual healing in San Francisco, CA – welcome! You’ve come to the right place. Spirit – and your spirituality – is welcome.

What is a Spiritual Therapist?

Being a spiritual therapist means we can include more than just your everyday experience. Not only through incorporating spiritual practices of your choice. But, also by talking about your beliefs, experiences, and path. There are many ways we can invite your spirituality to be holistically present and part of our work. We can explore that, together.

I can create space for you to bring in your spiritual beliefs and practices on your journey. My training, coupled with my personal experience, creates a unique doorway through which I can explore spirituality within therapy. I have studied many different spiritual practices, including Buddhism, “Shamanism” (with an awareness of the problematic nature of that term), energy healing, sound healing, depth hypnotherapy, dream work, channelling, and divination practices. In addition, I have trained in navigating the many dangers and pitfalls on the spiritual path and communities. 

I can understand when you feel deeply connected to the spiritual beings with whom you are working. As well as when you feel lost and alone. Or when you question the meaning of the spiritual experiences you’ve had. Further, when you feel that your spirituality is shameful, or even contradictory to your upbringing. Even when you are sinking from the pain of betrayal in a spiritual community, I can understand this loss.

Close up of a person’s hands gently holding a red flower against a backdrop of green leaves. They are feeling more connected to nature and their spiritual beliefs after meeting with a spiritual therapist in Oakland, CA. The Joyful Empath offers spiritual energy healing in San Francisco, CA, spiritual guidance in East Bay, and more. Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels

Being a spiritual therapist allows me to hold space for all of that. It also means we can incorporate certain practices into our work together. This is the type of therapy where tarot decks are welcome. Where we can plan and explore ritual together. This is a place where we can meditate and journey – together. 

Your unique spiritual pathways of connection, are welcome here.

My Approach to Spiritual Therapy in San Francisco, CA

As part of my work as a spiritual therapist, I offer certain spiritual ways of healing as well. This doesn’t mean you have to have any certain spiritual beliefs or practices. Rather, it just allows us different ways of exploring what’s going on for you. 

As one way of working together, I can offer depth hypnotherapy and journey work. Through using a combination of my voice, energy work, hypnotherapy, and journeying, I can guide you into a lightly altered state. This looks like the use of guided journey scripts to ease you past the analytical, thinking mind into a more relaxed way of being. 

This state is not the same as what you may have been introduced to in popular media! You will still retain full control over your memory and the process. From this lightly altered state, we can offer healing support to the many layers of your being. Your mind/body, heart, soul/energy patterns, and spiritual connection. 

Smiling woman stands with her eyes closed and arms outstretched on a green grass field. She is feeling free because of the spiritual energy healing in San Francisco, CA she experienced. The Joyful Empath offers spiritual healing in San Francisco, CA, and more. Photo by Joshua Abner on Pexels

While working together, I can also offer space to create and perform rituals, consult the tarot, meditate, connect with your spirit guides, and more! You are always welcome to bring in your spiritual practices as well. All of these ways of working offer spiritual guidance to a deeper, ineffable part of us, and the universe. That unknown place that can create healing, connection, empowerment, and support.

If you feel the longing to weave your spirituality into your healing journey, or simply to learn more – please reach out! I look forward to connecting.

I offer a variety of services in my Berkeley therapy office that can support you from the comfort of your own home:

  • For solo journeyers, I offer individual therapy. We’ll work together to identify where you are out of balance. That way, you may reclaim your sense of joy, self-love, aliveness, and self-knowing
  • For partners, I offer couples therapy. We will carve a path of more clear and aligned communication. Practices will get both of your needs met, and reveal new ways to deepen your intimacy with each other and your own selves.
  • For groups, I offer Soul Sanctuary. This is a refuge for empaths, intuitives, and highly sensitive people. You will learn more about our gifts, explore your needs, and be supported by a group of others who are like you.
  • For all, I offer various ways of working with LGBTQ and TGNC folx. I also offer other services including online therapysomatic therapy, and ecotherapy.