Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy centers the sacred and unique healing needs of folks who have experienced trauma. There are many different models of trauma therapy. However in my practice, I incorporate trauma-informed therapy as a guiding lens and foundation through all of my work. This means that I specialize in knowing how to guide and offering healing support to those who have experienced relational and systemic trauma, and integrate that practice into all of my modalities and offerings.

Trauma and Trauma Therapy

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Trauma can occur through many different types of experiences. You may not even realize what you have lived through was traumatic. So often folks who have lived through and with trauma have had their experiences denied, minimized, or normalized. Additionally, they may have been gaslight or manipulated to believe it is somehow their fault.

It is not your fault.

Trauma, whether through interpersonal violence, childhood neglect and abuse, sexual violence and abuse, or systemic oppression, is never your fault. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you did, or how it happened. You never deserve to be used or harmed.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter how seemingly “significant” or “insignificant” the harm is. You will never have to defend or prove the validity of your experience to me. All trauma experiences impact your body, mind, and spirit. Everyone who has experienced trauma of any kind deserves safety and healing. Therefore there is no comparison of trauma, only recognition and healing for how it affected you.

Trauma Therapy and Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

For highly sensitive people and empaths, healing from trauma can be even more nuanced and complex. This is because highly sensitive people and empaths have greatly increased sensitivity to energy, emotions, and sensory input. It is essential to find trauma therapy that understand this and can offer a gentle, informed healing process.

In my practice I offer a variety of different modalities to explore your healing process. This allows for many different gentle and gradual doorways into your healing. I also focus on how your here-and-now experience is being informed by past or ongoing experiences of trauma. Throughout our work I include prevention support for triggers, and de-escalation, grounding, and centering when things start to feel overwhelming. Additionally I incorporate practices to develop understanding, awareness, and gradual embodiment to care for your body’s needs and cues. Lastly, we create an equal foundation and focus on developing experiences that nourish, protect, and uplift you so that you may increase your capacity to receive love, joy, and support! All of which are deeply essential aspects of trauma healing.

Trauma and Oppression

In my practice as a trauma therapist, I focus on supporting highly sensitive people, emapths, and LGBTQ communities in healing from trauma and oppression. Since many people who reach out to me exist within multiple marginalized identities as well as experience high sensitivity, my whole practice is designed around understanding and healing trauma experiences.

Trauma therapy has a focus on understanding the way the body, mind, heart, and spirit is impacted by trauma. Additionally, by using a creative, gentle, and embodied blend of therapies to address your healing on every level, we will work together to understand and heal from the impact of trauma on your whole self throughout your life. There is no right way to heal. Only the best way for you.

I offer a variety of services in my virtual therapy office that can support you on your journey: