Virtual Therapy in SF Bay Area

Creating a Sacred Space With Virtual Therapy in San Francisco, CA

A laptop with a blank white screen rests on a balcony rail with tea, a blanket, and some books. The balcony overlooks a forest. Joyful Empath provides online therapy in san francisco, ca, and can help you feel safe and supported in your own space. Contact me today to get in touch with an online spiritual therapist in san francisco, ca, or online therapist in berkeley, ca.
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One of the most important aspects of your virtual therapy journey is having a place to go where you feel safe and supported. As a trauma-informed therapist, I will bring my authentic presence, warmth, care, and focused awareness to create a safe connection for us. However, I will also help guide you in creating a safe, sacred space for yourself in your own home.

In order to do the deep, rich, and complex work of therapy, you need to feel safe enough to let yourself relax. To go inward, and reflect. How you design and set up your space helps you create that sense of safety and relaxation.

Perhaps you feel your best with your favorite candle lit and your journal open beside you. Or curled up with a blanket and a cup of tea. Maybe you want to have your plants nestled around you and a bottle of kombucha beside you. Or you’d love to have your animal companion snuggled against you and your tarot deck spread before you. Whatever helps you feel safe, supported, and inward – is welcome.

Virtual therapy offers the unique opportunity for you to create that space within your own home. Whatever you need can be right there with you, offering up your own unique blend of nourishment and support. Regardless of how you are feeling or what you are going through.

Taking the Time and Space You Need With Virtual Therapy

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Most times traveling to therapy can be a time-consuming experience. Traveling from San Francisco to my Berkeley therapy office can take as long or longer than the actual session.

Perhaps you’re used to rushing to the BART or MUNI, or getting stuck in traffic to the East Bay. Or, racing to miss the traffic at the Richmond-San Rafael bridge. I understand how time-consuming getting to a therapy appointment can be! You may be trying to fit therapy in between an over-packed schedule, with no time to care for yourself before or after. 

This situation can be deeply draining, exhausting, and frustrating – especially for empaths, intuitives, and highly sensitive people. Virtual therapy offers the time and spaciousness you need to feel settled. You can simply pick up your phone or sign on moments before your session, and you’re right where you need to be after your session. This gives your body a chance to slow down, ease, and release, even before your session begins. After your session is complete, you can offer yourself time to relax and restore before the rest of your day. 

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Sometimes having your space curated just as you’d like, and having the time to slow down and not rush, can give you all you need to replenish your body, heart, and spirit through this work. 

Virtual therapy in San Francisco Bay Area allows you to create the space that you deserve, right where you are. To offer yourself the time you need to ease and relax before the session and restore and replenish afterward. I am also able to offer somatic therapy, spiritual therapy, and expressive arts therapy through video. If you’d like to learn more about my offerings, please feel welcome to reach out!

I offer a variety of services in my virtual therapy office that can support you on your journey:

  • For solo journeyers, I offer individual therapy. We will work together to identify where you are out of balance so you may reclaim your sense of joy, self-love, aliveness, and self-knowing
  • For partners, I offer couples therapy. We’ll create a path of more clear and aligned communication. You’ll learn practices to reveal new ways to deepen your intimacy with each other and your own selves.
  • I specialize in supporting LGBQA and TGNC folx. I also offer a variety of therapy modalities, including virtual therapy, spiritual therapysomatic therapy, expressive arts therapy, and ecotherapy