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Therapy for the Joyful Empath

East Bay Therapy, Coaching, Groups, and Consultation for the Joyful Empath

You may be an empath if…

  • People always turn to you and expect emotional support without offering it in return
  • The world feels too overwhelming at times
  • Seemingly normal things, like a dinner party or day trip with friends, exhaust you
  • You feel and perceive things much more deeply than others, observing details and emotional nuances others fail to see

Welcome! You are not alone.

A woman standing in the forest, looking thoughtfully at the sky. This could represent the deep connection and understanding empaths offer other people. We offer support from our empaths refuge in Berkeley, CA. Contact an HSP therapist for support today!

As an empath, intuitive, or highly sensitive person you are burdened with enormous double binds and conflicting expectations from others and the world at large. Others rely on you for emotional support and expect you to have unlimited emotional capacity and availability.

At the same time, they berate you and tell you to “stop being so sensitive”. So, you’re expected to assimilate into the dominant cultural expectations — and only show your sensitivity when it’s convenient or appreciated.

The healing path of the empath means learning how to honor, care for, and uplift your unique empath needs and the ways you show up in this world.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Being an empath is a valid, necessary, and soulful way to experience the world.

You do not have to sacrifice yourself to provide endless support to others, or change who you are to meet their conflicting expectations. You do not have to isolate yourself or push past your needs to find your way in the world as an empath.

A sign that reads "you are worthy of love" stands against a light pole on the shoulder of a road. An HSP therapist understands this, and can support you from our empaths refuge in Berkeley, CA. Reach out for more information on intuitive therapy, and more.

Feeling deeply, expansively, and intuitively, does not mean you have to suffer.

In fact, you have tremendous capacity for rich and abundant joy, love, peace, and pleasure!

I’m Phoenix, Berkeley therapist and fellow empath, intuitive, and highly sensitive person (HSP). I know two things to be true about the healing path of the empath:

1. You have everything you need within you to heal.

You’re giving away your ability to heal to others rather than to your own self, without even knowing it!

It is your very gifts of sensitivity that allow you to perceive the world in unique, creative, and subtle ways. These gifts require unique care and support to flourish. Care that you must learn to offer yourself, as you had to turn away from your needs in order to survive.

I can help you understand the true gifts of being an empath, intuitive, and highly sensitive person and notice when you unknowingly offer these gifts to others, thus depleting yourself in the process.

From there, you can claim those empathic gifts for yourself, and skillfully choose when you offer them to others – as opposed to others taking them without your consent.

2. Self-love is the healing journey of the empath.

We will partner together to support you in moving from a path of suffering and sacrifice to one of embodied joy, abundance, and self-love.

The healing path of the empath requires us to learn to love ourselves. This means honoring, caring for, and uplifting our unique needs and ways of being in this world. 

Learning to center our own selves, needs, boundaries, and desires is true self-love.

A smiling woman with bunch of forest flowers standing in woods. This could represent the ecospiritual nature of an empath, and enjoying the connectio to the Earth. I offer intuitive therapy in San Francisco, CA. Contact an HSP therapist for support.

It is possible to live life as a joyful empath!

This is sacred, courageous, radical work. 

And I am here for it.

I offer a variety of services in my Berkeley therapy office, and through my online therapy services:

  • For solo journeyers, I offer individual therapy. We will work together to identify where you are out of balance so you may reclaim your sense of joy, self-love, aliveness, and self-knowing.
  • For partners, I offer couples therapy. We’ll create a path of more clear and aligned communication. We will explore practices to get each of your needs met, and reveal new ways to deepen your intimacy with each other and your own selves.
  • For groups, I offer Soul Sanctuary. This is a refuge for empaths, intuitives, and highly sensitive people. Here, you will learn more about our gifts, explore your needs, and be supported by a group of individuals just like you.
  • For all, I offer various ways of working together including spiritual therapysomatic therapy, online therapy, and ecotherapy.

If you are ready to start your journey, contact my Berkeley, CA therapy practice for the support you deserve!