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The Healing Journey of the Empath

If you’ve ever felt that the world was just too overwhelming, that seemingly normal things like a dinner party or day trip with friends exhaust you, that people always seem to turn to you and expect emotional support, or that you feel and perceive things much more deeply than others – welcome.

You are not alone.

Often times folks who experience the world through the lens of an empath, an intuitive, or a highly sensitive person are burdened with enormous double binds. Others rely on them for support and expect them to have unlimited emotional capacity and availability – at the same time as telling them to “stop being so sensitive” and assimilate to the dominate cultural expectations. Yet it is our very gifts of sensitivity that allow us to perceive the world in unique, creative, and subtle ways – and these gifts require unique care and support to flourish. Care that we must learn to offer ourselves, as many of us have either not been taught or have actively learned to turn against our own needs.

The healing path of the empath requires us to do just this – to learn to love ourselves by honoring, caring for, and uplifting our unique needs and ways of being in this world.

There is nothing wrong with you. This is a valid, necessary, and soulful way to experience the world. You do not have to sacrifice yourself to provide endless support to others, push yourself past your needs in order to be like everyone else, or isolate yourself to simply side step the challenges you may experience navigating the world.

Being someone who feels deeply, expansively, and intuitively, does not mean you have to suffer. In fact, you have tremendous capacity for rich and abundant joy, love, peace, and pleasure!

As someone who is an empath, intuitive, and highly sensitive person (HSP) – truly, I understand. I can help you understand the true gifts in these ways of being. We will partner together to support you in moving from a path of suffering and sacrifice, to one of embodied joy, abundance, and self love. It is possible to live life as a joyful empath!

I’m Phoenix, and I know two things to be true. First – you have everything you need within you to heal. In fact – you are probably giving those gifts away to others rather than to your own self, without even knowing it! Second – learning to center our own selves, needs, boundaries, and desires is true self love – and self love is the healing journey of the empath. This is sacred, courageous, radical work.

And I am here for it.

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